Bring music to your moments of entertainment and relaxation

PUBLISH: April 4, 2023

Portable party speaker simple new design, high end looking, and good sound.

2×8 inch speaker, 7.4V/3600mAh rechargeable battery, adjust the status of various modes and monitor power through the screen. The decorative JBL lights in the box will liven up your party and allow you to karaoke at home. you can listen to your playlist via memory card, Line in, Bluetooth or USB connection. With TWS connectivity, you can connect two party speakers without any wires, increasing the sound power of the environment.

Organize a dance party at home or at an outdoor picnic, you need a speaker to play music to drive the atmosphere of the dance party, or you can let your music be heard around the block or on the beach. Sing, dance, rap, play, then crank up the bass/treble, microphone Echo control/mic priority, and watch the dance floor come alive!

Small size with high power, strong bass, high value and high audio, used for outdoor activities, beach Karaoke, family gatherings, I have what you want here. Enjoy music and enjoy the sound of nature at the same time.