Let everyone enjoy the happy experience of music

PUBLISH: April 4, 2023

Guangzhou Eden Electronic co., LTD was formally established in July 2017, An enterprise which focus on High-end Party speakers.

“Let everybody enjoy the pleasure of Music” is the mission of Eden company. Eden Electronic has applied the latest development model of product development, making products with the spirit of geeks, and is committed to making high-quality technology products from China accessible to everyone in the world.

Eden company keep the world surprised growth since its inception, in 2018 party speaker sold 0.25 million, 0.32 million sold in 2019, 0.55 million sold in 2020.

Eden company has a significant impact in the field of private mold speaker, R&D new appearance design, Especially dual 6.5”speakers, dual 8” speakers, Eden opens up a new understanding on party speakers, let the consumers have a new understanding of made- in -China goods. It disrupts the traditional market. By the end of 2020, Eden’s private mold appearance and unique PCB solution products have reached 18 items, the products have quickly become the star products affecting the whole consumer electronics market in a short time.