Product experimental equipment

PUBLISH: April 4, 2023

1. Drop test machine:

Test Purpose: To test the outer packaging of the product, force resistance performance, handling process will not cause harm to the product.

Test requirements: According to the 1 corner 3 Ling 6 surface sequence drop test.

Test Judgment Criteria: no functional defects in the product, no structural parts breakage, deformation and other undesirable phenomena in appearance.

No damage affecting safety and usability.

2. Programmable temperature and humidity chamber:

Test Purpose: Quality inspection of active speakers, constant temperature and humidity storage.

Test requirements: Simulation speaker can be used normally under the low temperature of -40℃, and the high temperature of 40℃.

Test Judgment Criteria: After doing the constant temperature and humidity storage test, make sure that the product is intact and the normal start-up normal working condition.