Product Testing Equipment

PUBLISH: April 4, 2023

Double 5.5/6.5/8/10/12 “party horn and wooden horn, cart Horn tested with JBL Light product accessories

1. Neutral salt spray test:

Add 5% sodium chloride and atomise for 12 hours to check the appearance of the product parts for discolouration and metal corrosion. Distribution and quantity of corrosion, cracks, bubbles, etc.

The IQC of the Quality Department is responsible for the testing of incoming materials and the testing of samples.

The test conditions and precautions are as follows: sodium chloride concentration at 5% g/L by weight, pH value between 6.5 and 7.2, test time at 12 hours without special regulations.

2. Simulation of automobile transportation vibration test bench:

Simulates whether the outer packaging is damaged during up to 4 hours of overland transport, whether the speakers inside the package are misaligned and whether the product is functioning properly.

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