Waterproof level
Whether dancing at the beach or partying by the pool, you don’t have to worry about splashes, etc.

8 inch waterproof outdoor bluetooth with lights caixa de som pa speakers






product name Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker With RGB Lights
Lead acid battery 7.4V/3600mA
Power 40W
Function Aux inUSB/TF Card input; FM Radio
Bluetooth& Recording
MIC inputx2
Different modes Disco light
BASS/Treble/Mic Volume control/Mic
Bass/Treble/Echo control
Recording function, EQ Adjust
Product  size 28x28x33.7cm
Packing 33x33x37.7cm
waterproof level

Whether dancing at the beach or partying by the pool, you don’t have to worry about splashes, etc.






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This waterproof outdoor speaker is part of the newest line of products made to be both sleek in design and rugged in its operation. With an IPX4 waterproof rating, this speaker allows you to bring music and conversation to the outdoors with unparalleled durability. The smooth, elegant design of this speaker combined with its impressive capabilities make it the perfect addition to your outdoor entertainment collection.

This speaker is built for adventure and designed to withstand the elements. With a waterproof IPX4 rating, this speaker is resilient against water damage, dust, and dirt. Its rugged construction allows it to be used in a variety of weather conditions, from light rain and snow to wet and dry sand and mud. It also provides every listener with exceptional audio quality from its 20W output. This type of power is unparalleled in its general class, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes no matter where you are.

This speaker also has its own mobile app, which gives you greater control over the sound experience. Through the app, you can customize the audio output and adjust the sound balance to your preference. You are also able to control the overall volume of the speaker, as well as activity like pairing, sleep and wake functions. With this integrated app, you can make the most out of your music time.

The speaker also features a durable rechargeable battery that allows you to take your music on the go. Fully charged, the battery will last up to 8 hours at a time, giving you hours of consistent playback. The speaker even has a power bank USB port built in, allowing you to charge your mobile device while enjoying your favorite tunes.

Designed to keep your outdoor experience going, this waterproof outdoor speaker won’t let you down. With an IPX4 waterproof rating, this highly-durable speaker can hold up against all the elements to provide exceptional audio quality wherever you you. Additionally, the mobile app and rechargeable battery make it convenient for you to listen to your favorite tunes for hours on end. No need to worry about having to bring your music indoors, this waterproof speaker is perfect for any outdoor excursion.

If you want to turn up the heat at any party, then the 8-inch Waterproof Party Speaker is the perfect choice. This party speaker is the perfect size for anywhere and provides excellent audio quality. With its robust waterproof design, it will stand up in any outside party environment and provide impeccable sound quality.

This party speaker is perfect for any size gathering and is the perfect solution for any party scenario. The 8-inch long and 324W driver makes it ideal for any indoor or outdoor event. With crystal clear sound and excellent deep bass tones, this party speaker will leave your guests and neighbors in an awe-inspired state.

Its unique feature is its waterproof construction. With an IPX-5 waterproof rating, you can rest assured that this speaker can handle any unexpected weather conditions. Its stain-resistant housing ensures that it will always look great, regardless of where you take it. Its anti-slip bottom also ensures that you can position it securely, even in wet conditions.

The 8-inch party speaker is equipped with powerful RGB lights. With up to 16 million color options and 5 lighting modes, you can create an atmosphere that exactly fits the mood and occasion of your event. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a backyard barbeque, or an outdoor movie night, its built-in RGB lights are guaranteed to get the party atmosphere going.

In addition to its powerful LEDs, the 8-inch party speaker also comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Stream your favorite music directly from any Bluetooth-enabled device for a non-stop dancing and party enjoyment. The device also includes a built-in TF card adaptor, allowing you to play music from any TF card storage device.

The 8-inch Waterproof Party Speaker delivers exceptional sound quality at any volume. Its strong and powerful build ensures that you won’t need to worry about any distortion or inconsistency in sound. With its 14-hour rechargeable battery, you can forget about having to worry about keeping charging time in-check. The device also comes with a remote control, allowing you full control of all its features and functions.

If you want an entertaining and reliable party speaker, then the 8-inch Waterproof Party Speaker is the perfect choice. With its impressive water-resistant design and its RGB lighting, it is guaranteed to get anyone’s party atmosphere going. With its Bluetooth connectivity and TF card adaptor, you’ll have the freedom to choose what music you want to have playing. Get ready to have the best time at your next party with the 8-inch Waterproof Party Speaker!


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