Recent developments in Eden Speaker

PUBLISH: April 4, 2023

Eden has also made great progress this year, and is constantly developing its own private model speakers and expanding its EDEN brand. Also from the era of traditional trade to the era of e-commerce transactions change.

Our company has developed several new private model products this year are very popular with customers, there are dual 6.5 inch party speakers that can be placed horizontally and vertically, dual 8 inch party speakers with JBL lighting and trolley speakers with fire light handheld and wheels, dual 10 inch wooden speakers, dual 12 inch trolley speaker, etc.

The light color of the party speakers can change with the rhythm of the music.Many modes of our speakers you can adjust according to the mode you like.Simple operation, simple and generous style, easy to carry. Good quality, high fidelity sound and high cost performance.

The delivery period is within 30-60 days, the production cycle is gradually stabilized, and the shipment has reached 8x40HQ cabinets in October, and is still growing. The delivery has timely guarantee.

Expand our EDEN brand and let more customers know about Guangzhou Eden Electronic Co., Ltd.